2018-07-22 West Coast Vacation

July 21st - Edmonton

Got an upgrade for our rental - Ford Explorer 7 seater West Edmonton Mall Telus World of Science Crashed in Hinton for the night for an early start to Jasper

July 24th - Jasper

Skytram+hiking Sulphur mountain. Didn't quite make it to the top as Logan ran out of steam
"I have more energy than Zander but i'm bigger so I use it up quicker"
Athabaska Hotel

July 25th Icefield Highway

Headed down to the Colombia Ice Fields. Stopped at Athabasca Falls & Sunwapta Falls on the way
Did the Glacier tour on the monster trucks
Stopped at Morraine Lake on our way to Banff but the parking lot was full so we continued on to Banff

2018-07-26 Banff

Banff Gondola
Dropped off downtown and we walked/hiked back to our hotel
Stopped off at Cows and ate some delicions ice cream

2018-07-27 Banff

Up early to head to Lake Moraine Zander not feeling well
Alistair fell in Lake Moraine
Zander got his foot wet
Logan fell into Lake Moraine - same spot as Dad
Found a coin operated laundry at lake Louise inn and dried the cloths and hikers
Tried to check out Lake Louise but no available parking Everyone then hiked Johnson Canyon to the lower falls
Went back to hotel to change went to Banff Hot spring had a great time
Zander ran and tripped over the yellow curb and smashed his head off the stone wall. First aid took care of him. He had a huge egg on his head and bleed a bit. Put ice on it and headed back to the hotel. He hung out in the kids activity center and Alistair and I grabbed a drink at the lounge.

2018-07-28 Heading to Vernon
Tried Lake Louise Again but again there was no parking. We decided to go in via the hotel guest entrance (nobody was there validating) and parked the car and I ran to the lake and took pics. Kat then took the kids and they all got pics. One more thing checked off the list !
Saw some wolves at Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre
Ate Icecream at D Dutchmen Dairy and checked out the cows and other animals they had around

2018-07-29 Heading to Surrey

On Highway 5 - Truck and trailer in ashes with an 11 km traffic backup https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4766409 Stopped off at Rotary Beach for a break. Found a dog beach beside and swam at the beach by Gellaty Bay Park
Got to our hotel in Vernon and the kids immediately went to the pool to use the water slide

2018-07-30 Heading to Vancouver Island

Ferry to Victoria - we had to wait 1 sailing as it was a busy day
At least they had a kids play area for the boys to expend some energy while we waited

2018-07-31 Victoria

Miniature World
Franks Diner
Lamb dip sandwich - me
Kale salad with prawns - Kat
Waffles - Logan
Pancakes - Zander
Bug Exhibit

2018-08-01 Victoria

Beacon Hill Children´┐Żs Farm
Barbs Fish & Chips - 1 Dallas road
Walking along the waterfront to downtown
Cruise Ship
Break Water Lighthouse

2018-08-02 Cowichan Bay

Cowichan Bay Whale watching. The morning boat saw a few whales but unfortunately we drew a blank on our trip

2018-08-03 Botany Bay

Heated to Port Renfrew area to check out Botany Bay
Had an amazing lunch Wild Renfrew
Jordan River
Shirley Delicious (food/snack)


Butterfly Gardens
Leftover lunch
Gold Stream Park
Mount Douglas
Old Towne (China Town)
Hyacinth Park


Capilano Bridge Park


Stanley Park - Aquarium & Third Beach
Dinner @ Hotel with Steven


Canada Place - Fly Over Canada
Granville Island
Stanley Park - trains & splash pad
Return rental car
Tacofino for Dinner
Steam Clock in Gastown
Steven drinks

2018-08-08 Back to Ottawa

Got access to the Airport lounge via my credit card and had breakfast there
Jumped on our plane and headed back to O-Town. Some amazing views of the Rocky Mountains from the plane