2013-10-11 Long weekend in the US

Talk about a rough start to the long weekend

We set off for New Hampshire at 3:45pm on Thursday expecting to hit montreal after their rush hour. We were wrong :/ We're in bumper to bumper traffic and Katrina's trying to get Logan to eat some of his sandwich for dinner. He complains and then starts coughing.

Then he pukes . . . twice. He starts crying and tries to clean the goop off his shirt but Kat reassures him that everything's gonna be ok and I take the next exit

I climb the curb of the off ramp and park on the grass. Operation cleanup commenses. We get a blanket down on the grass and Katrina strips Logan down while I work on cleaning the car seat. We have lots of bottled water so that helps but now we have a wet car seat. Zander starts up with his crying

We cover the car seat with the blanket and strap logan back in. Katrina mentions that maybe we should get a hotel in Montreal or even turn back to Ottawa. We pull into a gas station so Katrina can clean up a bit and then we resume the journey to NH. As i'm driving I notice the SUV accelerator isn't being that responsive. I'm on the highway and I mash the gas and nada. No acceleration, the car is just puttering along and ever so slowly accelerating. I consider not mentioning this issue as Katrina already has it in her mind to head back to Ottawa.

Logan is crying for his blanket but it was covered in puke so that wasn't an option (did I mention that he'll only sleep with his blanket?). Zander crying at the top of his lungs

As we're driving I put the car into neutral and slam on the gas and the engine does rev up but once I put it back into drive no acceleration at all. I then mention this minor issue to Katrina and pull off at the next exit. My plan was to shut the car down and restart it and hopefully that would reset the ECU and give me back some acceleration. Fortunately that works and we get back on the highway

Zander finally stops crying and falls asleep which allows Logan to fall asleep

Had to stop for gas and this gas station had the loudest radio blaring outside so needless to say both Zander and Logan wake up. Katrina feeds Zander and Logan just wants his blanket. Yet another conversation about the blanket being dirty

Hit the road again and things quiet down and Kat manages to get a bit of sleep. We arrive at the hotel at 11:30pm

Waking up in the morning Katrina now feels sick. We head down to breakfast in the hotel and Kat isn't feeling any better. Logan starts chowing down on pretty much everything there since his stomache is pretty empty at this point. Toast, Fruit, pancakes, pretty much anything you put infront of him he's eating. We head back to the room and Katrina says she needs some sleep so we setup logan with a movie on the ipad and I walk up and down the hallway trying to get zander to sleep. Checkout was 11am but I took logan and went to the front desk to see if we could get a late checkout to let Kat sleep some more. The hotel was pretty busy but they gave us an extra 2 hrs (1pm late checkout). Kat wakes up a little before 11am and I let her know she can sleep more because of the late checkout. She sleeps till midday and then we start packing up the car to head to the outlets. At this point Logan's pretty much at 100% and Kat is running at 60%. We gut through the shopping and then head to Rockland

What a 24hrs :/

2013-05-02 Logan's second Birthday

Where does the time go. Can't believe it's Logan's second birthday already. He was lucky enough to have TWO parties this year. Once at his daycare and a BBQ birthday at home

2013-04-29 Zander Arrives

We were blessed with a new baby boy Check out the album for more pictures