2011-05-02 Baby Logan Meikle arrives


01:30am Katrina wakes up at 1:30am with what she thinks is cramps. She realizes they are contractions and starts timing them. 6 minutes apart. 02:40am Katrina wakes me up and lets me know she's having contractions and that they're 6 minutes apart. We were told to head to the hospital once contractions get to 4-5mins 03:400am Contractions are 4-5mins apart. We pack up and head to the hospital.


4:00am Arrive at the hospital We go straight to the birthing unit and we get put into a room for an exam to see how far along Kat is - only 1cm dialated. Not enough for them to admit us. They give us 2 options - go back home and wait, or walk around for a bit. 5:00am We choose to stay at the hospital and walk around to see what happens. I sit down in the waiting room and close my eyes while Sandra and Kat go for a walk. They come back in 5 minutes as Kat's legs are bothering her. We get a yoga ball and she sits on that till it's time to get re-evaluated. 07:00am Back for another evaluation - She's now 4cm dialated so we get to stay ! 7:21am we get admitted 7:40am The Birthing room has a jackuzi tub so Katrina goes in there to try and ease the discomfort of the contractions 10:00am Kat asks for the Epidural 10:37am Get the epidural Doctor takes about 1/2 hr to get there because he was performing a C-section at the time. Everybody puts on the masks and he slides a needle into Kat's spinal column, then feeds in a plastic tube and starts administering the drug 11:05 - Still 4cms The resident decides to break kat's water to see if that'll help move labour along - Everytime she had a contraction she felt water come out Lunch - I take a nap in the room 2:35pm 6.5cm dialated 4:33pm 6-7cm dialated Dr Nguan Checks out the baby and notices that he's sunny-side up - The baby's facing out instead of facing back towards the spine. The nurse puts Katrina on all 4's to help the baby turn 6:33pm 9cm dialated almost showtime ! 8:00pm Back on all 4's because, although she is fully dialated, the baby hasn't moved down enough 9:28pm Katrina starts pushing How long did I push 9mins or 9 contractions or 4 contractions ???? 9:37pm Baby Logan is born. I cut the cord and the Doc checks everything over and we're all good. Healthy 7 lb baby boy 11:30pm Unfortuantely no private rooms were available so we got put into a dual. The other side of the room was unoccupied

2011-05-03 Hospital Day 2

- Unfortunately the other half of the room gets occupied. Quite the couple we have there. 12:30pm We get the private room. No more having to listen to our roommate complain 5pm Pay the hospital fee for the circumsision and ask the nurse about circumcision and she says the Doc will do it in the morning. Then we have to wait 4hrs at the hospital before we're allowed to leave

2011-05-04 Hospital Day 3

10:00am and no word on when the little fellow is getting circumcised. At this point we just want to go home so I cancel the circumcision. We still have to wait for Dr Nguan to do a final check before we're allowed to leave though.