2007-07-01 Happy Canada Day

AJ had aother stellar Canada Day party and I have the pics to prove it

2007-05-21 Basement reno almost done

The renovations which started in May with Malcolm working like a mad man for 2 weeks is almost over. The flooring is in the basement and the grass in the back yard is really filling out

2007-06-16 BBQ Party

Had a few friends over for a BBQ

2007-06-02 Dad & Greg come to visit

Dad flew up for a visit. At least this time it was a bit cooler. Anybody else see the irony of Jamaicans complaining about the heat in Canada?

2007-04-16 Trip to Rockland

Went on a road trip to Rockland for Easter. Visited some of Katrina and AJ's family and managed to squeeze in some sight-seeing in Boston. Have a look

2007-03-14 Egg Shell Art

I put up some pictures of the Egg shell Art we purchased in Jamaica over christmas. The colours really work well in the kitchen. We Finally got all the appliances installed AND I even managed to make two shelves to go beside the oven. The stain doesn't quite match the existing Kitchen wood, but the price was right. I also upgraded insulation in the Attic and Basement, so hopefully our energy bills will be less.

2007-01-20 Demolition of a kitchen closet

Got some new appliances and needed to make room for the fridge so the Pantry got taken down and the fridge put in that location. Took a while but at last the job is done. Next job is to get someone in to install the Hood Fan for the new Gas stove. Progress